New York Wing - Request for ES Training


 Date :       Alternate Date:        

 Location:       Departure/Destination Airport(s):

Aircraft Tail Numbers:   

Vehicle IDs:               

 Expected reimbursable expenses:

Individual Training       

For trainees, list a "T" after their name              

Aircraft to be used                 

Mission Pilot(s)                      

Mission Observer(s)               

Mission Scanner(s)        

Training to be accomplished


Local Training Events

Person in charge:


Safety Officer : Not required if single aircrew sortie

Expected number of participants

Corporate Aircraft & Vehicles to be used

Outline of scenario and objectives

Submitted by  

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Reminder: All sorties require the following;
Weight and Balance Uploaded
ORM completed
CAPF 104 briefing section completed with:
  Sortie objective
  Any sortie deliverables
  Other applicable data depending on the sortie objective
  Flight Profile, description of check ride, etc...
Post Sortie CAPF 104 debriefing section completed with
  Summary of flight activity
  Results/Deliverables and other data depending on the sortie objective 






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