About New York Wing

The members of New York wing have a long tradition of serving New York State and America.
From the early days of CAP in early 1940's with the Coastal Patrols, continuing with our support of the federal and local governments through the 90's by doing damage assessment, radiological monitoring, photography, watershed monitoring and countless other tasks.
In 2001, NYW was active in 9/11 with support to the State with some of the first aerial photographs of Ground Zero and with support to local agencies.

With the new century, NYW began to support using the latest technological tools available in CAP: Hyper-spectral-analysis (known as Archer), and Satellite Digital Imaging System  (known as SDIS).
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The members of New York Wing participate in all 3 missions of CAP: Emergency Services (Search and Rescue), Cadet Programs and Aero Space Education.

Emergency Services (Search and Rescue)
On average, the members of NYW participated in:
 30 - 60 Missions in support of Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) for non-distress ELTs (Electronic Locator Transmitters)
 3 - 6 Missions to search for a missing aircraft or persons
 4-12 Training missions where members learn new ratings, new techniques and new skills.

Cadet Programs
NYW holds an annual Encampment for the Cadet members where for 1 week Cadets teach Cadets about Drill, Leadership and Teamwork under the mentorship of the Senior (adult) members.
NYW also holds a Flight Academy for Cadets to learn to fly either a powered aircraft or a glider.
There are also Region and National activities that cadets can participate in.

Aero Space Education
NYW has an active program that encourages members to interface with local schools, local organizations and our own members.

Civil Air Patrol is one of America's premier volunteer organizations, and the members of NYS are no exception.

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Semper vigilans!

New York Wing Encampment