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On behalf of the wing staff, unit commanders and members of the Civil Air Patrol New York Wing, it is my pleasure to welcome you to this web site.  For almost 75 years, members of Civil Air Patrol have been actively engaged in "Missions for America" at the local, state, and national levels.  With over two thousand members across the Empire State participating in Emergency Services, Aerospace Education and Cadet Programs, CAP has something to offer individuals from all walks of life.  Each day uniformed members of Civil Air Patrol can be found flying CAP missions, teaching aviation and aerospace classes, working with cadets, staffing airport mission bases, communicating over CAP radio networks, performing administrative duties, participating in community events, and engaging in professional development programs. Our members embrace the Civil Air Patrol core values of Integrity, Excellence, Volunteer Service, and Respect.  Please keep in mind that safety is first and foremost in everything our members do.  Thank you for your interest and service to Civil Air Patrol.

Information on Cadet Programs, Emergency Services, Aero Space Education and other areas can be found under Staff and then on the right hand side.

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Mission Command and Communication Vehicles
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CAPR62-1 and NYW require that an Activity Safety Officer be assigned for every activity that involves cadets and seniors. The following 2 forms are used to keep the NYW CC, VC, SE and CP informed.
Safety Activity Form
Safety After Activity form

National Commander's Safety Policy

NYW CC Non-Discrimination Policy Memo

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NYW Commander
Colonel Thomas Carello