NYW Conference

27-29 April
Fort William Henry Resort
Lake George, NY

Friday 27 April
Various classes starting at 1330 and ending at 1700

Conference Schedule

Registration opens at 1600 thru 2200

1700-2000 hrs   Dinner on your own-Lake George Area

2000 - No Host Social/Meet and Greet (bar area) for senior
     Cadet Assembly at the Towers

Saturday 28 April
  Breakfast buffet a cost of $14 for Adults and $12 for cadets at the hotel or have breakfast in the local area

  General Assembly and Awards (0830 - 1200) at Conference Center
  Seniors - enjoy lunch in the local area
  Cadets have lunch at the Towers are part of CadetFest.

   Afternoon Sessions (1330 - 1700)
Write up of courses

   CadetFest (1200-1700) at Towers (includes lunch)
    CadetFest Schedule

   No host cocktail party (1800 - 1900) at Conference Center
   Banquet (1900-2200)

       Cadet of Year,
       NCO of Year
       Senior of Year
       Group of Year.

   Cadet Pool party (2200-0000)
   Seniors on Veranda (2200-0000)

Sunday 29 April
  Commanders Call and Staff meetin
g (closed session)
  CAC Elections (open session)

Information on the Resort

Conference Center Room

Property Map


Registration Information

We will be using PAYPAL to attend the Conference and/or banquet.
Guests tickets to the banquet can be purchased as well.

PayPal requires the use of a credit card and you do not need to have an account. It will require a phone number and an email address.

Please click here

Cadets will continue to fill out the Room/Conference/Banquet form and Permission form which will be sent to Lt Col Diane Wojtowicz, CAP.
Cadets can pay via PAYPAL once the forms are received.

CadetFest includes lunch on Saturday 28 April

Cadet Registration form
Cadet Permission CAPF60-80 Permission Slip

We will always have ability for cadets to attend the Conference and CadetFest.

Driving Directions

  1. Get driving directions to Ft William Henry and more information on the hotel.