Director: Major Deborah Ozer
NYW Finance Administrator: Ms Anne Lipson

NYW Wing Banker Program 
NYW Financial Procedures  

Finance Memos
Clarification of Bank Accounts
Tax Exempt Certificates

Finance Forms (updated on 8/1/16)
Advance_Funds_request   NYWF173A
Unit Check Request         NYWF173C
Deposit Form EXL            NYWF173D
Fundraising Request         NYWF173F

Instructions for Use of  NYWgF173C
Instructions for Use of  NYWgF173D-V2

NYW Staff request for Check   NYWF80 (NEW)

Financial Procedures
FP 16-1 
FP 16-2 
FP 13-3

Banking Information
Review Unit banking Transactions (requires a login)