Inspector General: Lieutenant Colonel Leonard Schindler

170 Pepperidge Circle
Fairfield, CT 06824
Cell     203.521.2729
Work   212.984.7886
Home  203.579.8885

Deputy Inspector General: Lieutenant Colonel Donald Eddy

Assistant Inspector Generals
Lt Col Terry LeFeber
Lt Col Diane Wojtowicz

Lt Col Carl Anthony

Lt Col Joseph Goldman
Capt Eric Schenck
Lt Col Randall Johnson
Lt Col Anita Martin
Lt Col Peter Nicodemi      SMSGT491@VERIZON.NET

Major Steven Denes

Capt Roman Makuch
2ndLT William McCauley

Lt Col Peter Koch
Lt Col Jacqui Sturgess
Major Susan Schindler

Inspection Schedule for 2016
Commanders - please review your unit under Commanders Corner. All units are under a 24 month schedule.

Inspector General Mission Statement
The purpose of the Civil Air Patrol Inspector General System to create an independent and objective system that:
· Resolves problems affecting the Civil Air Patrol mission promptly and objectively
· Creates an atmosphere of trust in which issues can be objectively and fully resolved without retaliation or the fear of reprisal
· Ensures the existence of responsive complaint and inspection programs characterized by objectivity, integrity, and impartiality
· Ensures the concerns of Civil Air Patrol members and the best interests of the Civil Air Patrol are addressed through objective fact- finding
· Educates Civil Air Patrol members and commanders regarding the privileges of and protection for those contacting an inspector general
· Ensures inspectors general, inspector general staff members, and investigating officers are trained to conduct thorough, unbiased investigations and inspections based on fair and objective fact-finding.

Inspector General Roles
1) Serves as an objective observer on behalf of the commander
2) Aims to keep the commander informed of potential areas of concern
3) Functions as an ombudsman, fact-finder, and honest broker in the resolution of complaints at the lowest echelon and level
4) Educates and trains commanders and CAP members regarding their privileges and responsibilities in regard to the Civil Air Patrol Inspector General System
5) Helps commanders to prevent, detect, and upon request of the commander render advice regarding the correction of mismanagement and fraud, waste and abuse
6) Is an integral member of the commander’s staff and has direct access to the commander

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