Director of Operations (DO): LtCol Daniel Rogers
Director of Operations Assistant (DOA):
Cadet Orientation Flight Coordinator: Maj Robert Ellwood
Standardization and Evaluation (DOV): Maj Brian Benedict
Standardization and Evaluation Assistant (DOVA): Maj John Kolmos
Standardization and Evaluation Assistant (DOVA): LtCol Ed Kopp

Standardization and Evaluation Assistant (DOVA): Capt Roger Teck

Director of Counter Drug (CDO): Capt Vincent Monticello
Aircraft Maintenance:

Director of Emergency Services (DOS): Maj Richard Levitt
Director of ES Assistant [101's, SQTR's]: LtCol Stan Rothman
ESO Assistant: Maj Jill Silverman
ESO Assistant: LtCol James Quinn
ES Training Officer: LtCol Robert Flynn
ES Plans and Programs: Capt Mark Swing
ES Training Officer Assistant: Maj Jason Somers
Homeland Security Officer: LtCol Warren Ratis

NYW Operations Supplements

NYW Supplement to CAPR 60-1 Operations -Jan 16
NYW Supplement to CAPF 66-1 Aircraft Mainitenance -Dec 15

Secured NYW web site -

Pilot lists, reports, authorizations
Aircraft weight and balance spreadsheet
Request forms for Air Force Assigned missions
        ES Training
        Check Rides
        Proficiency Flights
        Orientation Flights
        Aircraft Maintenance Requests




Additional Tools

POD Worksheet is an Excel spread sheet with POD charts and a worksheet to calculate the number of sorties for a specific POD
Gridded Sectional Guide is an Excel spreadsheet providing gridding information for sectional charts
Standardized Lat-Long is a Word document showing the generic, standardized grid system

Air Crew Checklist
Ground Team Checklist

Inland SAR School - AFRCC



Starting link for Emergency Services/Operations pages at NHQ -

   Aircraft Information File
   National Operations Page
   National Aircraft Checklists (note these are by tail number but not all have
    been validated against the POH and specific aircraft)

IC Information


Right click and select location to save to. Date of document shown.
Checklists and slides updated to include dealing with incorrect camera time
NYWg Imaging Kit checklists and instructions - 25 Mar 16
    Includes Solmeta Geo Tagger
    See paragraph highlighted in red on page 6
RoboGeo configuration files and desktop shortcuts - 30 Jan 14
  The RoboGeo config and shortcut file is a zip file with instructions
Google Earth Installer - network connection required
Training Slides - 14 Dec 15
Camera Field of View Spreadsheet - 7 Mar 13
Following as of 28 Nar 16 - with update to one tablet setting
Virb kit full instructions - tablet setup and FEMA uploader
Virb kit only after tablet setup
FEMA Uploader
Virb Kit Updates 28 Mar 16



NYW/DO processes reimbursements for actual and training missions, orientation flights and CD sorties. This includes reimbursing members for out of pocket expenses incurred during these events.

Forms - see the forms page on this site


Aircraft Rates - NYWg rates are those listed in  CAPR173-3. For reimbursed flights the wing is reimbursed for fuel. For non reimbursed flights the pilot pays for the fuel and pays the minor maintenance rate to the Group in whose area he/she lives.

Minor Maintenance Rates as of 01 Oct 2017 for corp. aircraft assigned NYWg.

C172         $53.00
C182         $62.00
C82R       $62.00
C206         $80.00
Other aircraft
GA-8         $66.00
MT-7-235   $70.00


Stan Eval

NHQ Aircraft Operations -Stan/Eval
    Within CAP Members site


On-line Tests
    Primary NHQ Test Material

Other training and tests located within NHQ eServices
   eServices Login required
Links on the main eServices page
        CAP Online Courses and Exams
        Aircraft Ground Handling
        G1000 Study Material
        Learning Management System
        National Check Pilot Standardization Course
        Training within eServices Operations Qualifications


Emergency Services


CAP USAFI 10-2701 Guidance for CAP Biennial Search and Rescue/Disaster Relief/Homeland Security/Counterdrug (SAR/DR/HLS/CD) Evaluation and Guided Training Exercises (GTE)


Mission packages should be uploaded into WMIRS



Counter Drug