Director: Lt Col Sean Neal  email 203-733-5337
 Assistant: Lt Col Lawrence Mattiello Email 917-969-1912
  Assistant: East: 
Major Michael Ozer
Assistant: West: Major Pete Moreau
Cadet Safety Officer: C/Lt Col Meghan Duell

Safety Regulations
All units should have in their possession, the following Regulations:
CAPR 62-1
dated 12 Dec 12
CAPR 62-2 dated 20 May 14
National Commander's Safety Policy

Safety Letters
 NYW Supp-CAPR 62-1, 1 Jul 16
 CAPR62-2-NYWg letter-Feb2015
 Assignment of Activity Safety Officer

The NER supplements are available on the NER Safety  web site which requires a sign-in.

CAPR62-1 and NYW require that an Activity Safety Officer be assigned for every activity that involves cadets and seniors.
For example: Cadet Competition, SLS or CLC or bivouac, etc.
Please use the following link to inform the NYW CC, VC and SE about the Activity.
Once the Activity is done, please complete the After Activity Report using this link

Safety Information
Operational Risk Safety Briefing Card

Operational Risk Management Worksheet
Risk Management Worksheet


2015 Safety Day

As we enter into 2015, let's look to continue improving our safety record in NYW.

Watch for "Complacency"

The dictionary meaning for the word is simply "a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements" and "a feeling of being satisfied with how things are and not wanting to make them better". It goes on to define "a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like".

As respects safety, the dictionary meaning says it all! Complacency is a problem that will challenges one's successful outcome for a safe completion of a task. That task can be flying, driving, or any function and event we participate as CAP members. It challenges one's everyday life. For example, simply taking a walk along a country road, complacent to the hazards for such a routine and simple event, one slips on the loose gravel, falls and brakes a bone. Yes, ask my wife. Imagine the serious implication to complacency during a flight, driving a vehicle, or a summer encampment!

There is no room for being complacent. Learn how to prevent it and recognize being complacent.

National Headquarters has recommended reviewing the December issue of the Beacon and the up grades to the SMS system: December Safety Beacon

We continue as an organization to have issues with Dehydration

Since we are in winter, an article on working outside: Working Outside

Flying in Winter offers some challenges: Winter Operations
The importance of post flight review: Post Flight
Reminder about Weight and Balance (remember that every flight should have a W&B uploaded in WIMRS 2.0): Weight and Balance

There has been a lot of talk about Distracted Driving, let's look to ensure it does not happen to us: Distracted Driving
Driving after dark: Night Driving Tips

As a unit, any other topics can be added.

Safety Information
AOPA On-line Courses

Flight Safety

National Safety Council

Online Safety Training References (NHQ web site)

Safety Alerts  (NHQ web site)

COV Accident Check List

NYS Forms (including MV-104)

Prior NYW Staff briefings

Safety Briefing information for units

Mishap reporting
1. All mishaps must be reported promptly to the NYW Safety Officer, or NYW Commander as per CAPR62-2.

2. All mishaps must be reported using the online Safety Management System (SMS) which is found in eServices.

3. Northeast Region Commander requires notification (within 24 hours) of all mishaps involving aircraft.

4. Per CAPR 60-1, any member involved in an aircraft mishap, no matter how minor, is immediately grounded until advised by the wing or region commander.