NYW Staff


Wing Commander: Col Thomas Carello

Vice Commander: Lt Col Patrick Magee

Chief of Staff: Lt Col John Jones

Inspector General: Lt Col Leonard Schindler

Director of Aero Space Education: Lt Col Marilyn Rey
Director of Cadet Programs: Major Laurie Rocco
Director of Communications: Capt Bruce Koppe
Director of Finance: Major Deborah Ozer
Director of Information Technology: Captain Charles Erckert
Director of Logistics: Lt Col Anita Martin
Director of Operations: Lt Col Daniel Rogers
Director of Emergency Services: Captain Richard Levitt
Director of Personnel & Administrative Officer: Lt Col Jacqui  A Sturgess
Director of Professional Development: Major Robert Ormsbee
Director of Safety: Lt Col Sean Neal
Chaplain: Lt Col Edwin Kopp
Legal Officer: Major Susan Hartmann
Public Affairs Officer: Major Franklin Birt

Wing Historian: Major Susan Neal
Wing Finance Administrator: Anne Lipson

Government Relations Advisor: Lt Col Benjamin Nodar

Plans and Programs Officer: Capt Larry Zuckerberg

Open Positions
  If interested, please contact the NYW Chief of Staff.